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Building Family History - Disjointed Bennetts

Bennet/Bennit/Benet/Bennett Disjointed Histories
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This page is dedicated to all of the Bennetts/Benets/Bennits and variations of the spelling from New England (from here on in called "BENNETT")

States: New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and beyond.

The Bennetts of New England are a hard family to untangle. Given spellings of the name in various iterations as well as the custom of the day to name children after parents and close relatives, it’s easy to get individuals mixed up with cousins and other relations.

This site holds a number of “disjointed” Bennett’s – the connections were made from a variety of sources including biographical sketches, vital records, tradition.

What I mean by disjointed Bennetts is that I don’t have enough information to tie these individuals back to my own family – perhaps we are directly related and perhaps we are not.

I needed a place to display and have ready reference the lines that giving me angst in the hope that another Bennett researcher may be able to provide a piece of the puzzle to help me link back to earlier lines.

My own line of Bennetts are blurred – I have been able to definitively find vital records for my line – to William Bennett (b.c. 1768) and Lois Flint, before this generation, I have had some, but very little luck in piecing together earlier ancestors.

Based on research and reading it’s possible that my line is of Anthony Bennett, son of Elinor and _____ Bennett who was the step-son of Richard Window (2nd husband of Elinor), or Richard Bennett brother-in-law to Elinor and Uncle to Anthony and/or from John Bennett immigrant ancestor of Charlestown, Massachusetts.

These connections, however, are not simple to untangle.

My lines of Bennetts also included a married in Bennett, Charlotte (nee Bennett) who was the wife of William Bennett (b.c. 1804 – son of William and Lois) – lengend has it that both are direct descendants of John of Charlestown, but again – linking correctly has been a challenge.

My main website is located at Building Family History if you will notice, I have not attempted to link these “disjointed Bennetts” on that site – I just don’t know for certain yet.

Over time I will be providing links to the various online collections that I’ve been scouring for the past several years. If you see something weird, have additional information, or have a question on a reference or source information, please don’t hesitate to let me know.